Sunday, January 6, 2013

Coffee in the morning, Coffee in the evening, Coffee at supper time!

I'm sitting here drinking my 3rd cup of coffee for the day at 1:00 in the afternoon.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!
It was a long night with Bella (2 years old, going on 16!) up from 1:30-4am screaming in a tantrum for Mickey Mouse and refusing to stay in one spot, either the couch or her bed or her sister's bed.  I was losing my mind in frustration and lack of sleep by 3, when my husband emerged from the bedroom.  Never a good sign!!  Especially after he's been sick, worked 12 hours, came home for 2 and got called back to work for another 3 hours.  Finally at 4am I looked at Eric in the dark and said, "You still have to go back to work in the morning for another 12 hour shift...  Do you want me to give in a put on Mickey or keep fighting this battle?"  ...And on Mickey went.  Bella soon was snoring in her sister's bed, Eric had falled back to sleep too.  Me?  I was wide awake and still slightly frustrated.  I laid down on the couch in my make-shift bed that has become a common place anymore for me to sleep, turned on the T.V. and put on a Christmas movie I still have saved on the DVR.  I woke up at 8 to the sound of my son playing his DS on the next couch over and realized I needed some coffee... and bad! 
Grinding and brewing a pot of coffee, I remembered that I made one of my favorite things yesterday... Banana Snack Cake!  This has become my favorite way to make banana bread.  It's made in a 9x13 dish so it feeds more then the normal loaf bread and it has coconut, nuts and chocolate chips, not to mention oatmeal to make you feel like it's not so bad to eat after all!  Once my coffee was ready, I poured a cup, heated up a slice of bread and it was good.  I might even eat another piece right now!


  1. Sorry about Bella. Did your other kids do this? If they didn't then maybe some of your friends could share with you of their escapades!!

    Banana Snack Cake looks great. Recipe please so I can try it out on Doug!

    1. Bella is the only bad sleeper we've had. If you click on Banana snack cake, it should open the page for the recipe. If you still have a hard time accessing it let me know and I will be sure you get the recipe!