Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BFF's and "Lemons"

Today I was so grateful that my little side kick was feeling a little better and ready to get out of the house, because Lord knows mommy was!  She is still fighting a little something, but seems to be over the worst of it.  I got to go to gym and work off some steam and energy that had been piling up from not going anywhere for 3 days straight, get my hair cut, spend some time in the kitchen and head over to my BBF's house for dinner.  It was a good day!
My little kitchen helper :)
I think all of us women, in general, need that one good friend that we can count on.  She's the one that you go to for advice, to cry on, to laugh with, to vent to, to tell you when you're wrong, to help you with your kids, to run errands with and everything inbetween.  I think that at different times this person can change, but we always have that one.  I think for us military wives it may change a little more then the average gal, but that's who helps keep us sane.  For me, it's my friend, my BFF, Mary.  We are about as different as night and day, but somehow we just click.  We have become more then friends, but sisters.  I truly don't know how I'd make it without her.  She had been going through a rough time and I was able to help.  During that time we decided to help each other with dinner.  We have dinner together usually 5 nights a week.  We split the days of who cooks when and make a menu every 2 weeks.  We shop together and most the time cook together too.  It just works for us.  I never thought I'd like doing something like this, but when both of your hubby's are on weird schedules that are always changing, it's nice to have someone to share dinner with.  To have adult conversation with at the end of the day. 
Well, tonight was my night and I tried a new recipe from Pinterest.  It's from Andicakes.com,  Baked Herb Lemon Chicken.  It was simple enough to make and to double for our 2 families.  It was delicious!  I made roasted potatoes and Mary made a salad and I must say it was a good dinner.  
I thought this dinner would be a winner when it had the word "Lemon" in the title.  See, what I didn't tell you about Mary is that she is Mexican and she puts "lemon" on everything!  (I say "lemon" because usually it's really lime, but she calls it lemon.)  I have never in my life seen so much lime juice squeezed on such a variety of foods.  It goes in her green shakes, on all of her veggies, it's her favorite kind of chip, on her meat, she will even eat them by themselves.  So this was a home run dinner!  Even though she goes a little crazy sometimes with the "lemon," this chicken wasn't over-powering for my taste.  I hope you try it and like it!

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