Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Filling the Freezer

Some of the recipes I wrote down to try.  I keep a notebook
to write all the Pinterest stuff I want to try.  I'm still a little
old-school :)
Anyone that pins much on Pinterest all do this...  You look at things, pin them to a board and then never actually look it.  We all do this!  I'm always saying I'll go back and look at it, but half the time I never do.  A neighbor of mine has been talking about freezer cooking and that made me think, "Hey, I have a bunch of those pinned, but I've never looked them."  I freeze things all the time, but not really an avid "freezer cooker" or "once a month cooker."  I just freeze extras or things I buy in bulk and separate and such.  So I went through all the ones I had pinned (some twice-haha!) and wrote down all the recipes that my family might actually eat and that sounded good.  Now I only did the slow cooker ones. Only because I think that will be easiest.  One site is where I found the majority HERE for the freezer meals.  At Ring Around the Rosies she has 6 different pages of recipes and they are all simple enough to shop for.  She even has toddler snacks and lunches too.  I'll give you a couple others to check out too.  For Dump Chicken recipes, this one is all slow cooker Freezer Meals and one more for Here too.  They all offer a little something different and seemed to have the most variety. 
This one I did a different day from the rest and only froze one bag
and made the other for dinner that night.

Here's my meals ready for the freezer!
This time I made Teriyaki Chicken, Savory Chicken, Beef Fajitas, Divine Chicken, Cilantro Lime Chicken and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches.  I spent about $100, it took me maybe at most 3 hours and I got 11 meals!  Incredible!  There is very little that is processed in them and each one is loaded with veggies.  All I gotta do is thaw, put it in the slow cooker and make a starch to go with it.  You cannot beat that!
Do you have a favorite freezer meal that you make?  I can't wait to try the rest on my list and find more to do too.
I pulled a Rachael Ray and used a "garbage bowl" for all my
trash and scraps.  It was really great for this!

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