Saturday, February 23, 2013

Can I eat a snack, mom?

Do you ever go grocery shopping and come home, unpack your bags and realize that you have more boxes of snacks for your kids then things needed to make dinner for the week?  Just me then?  :)  My kids are 7, 5 and 2 and they definitely got their daddy's appetite.  They just want snacks all day long.  My oldest (and my husband) are notorious for eating a meal, saying how full they are and then 15 minutes later be looking for something to eat.  I'm not that way at all so it drives me crazy some days!  Thankfully my oldest 2 are at ages where they are able to be a little more self sufficient and get things themselves.  But the nagging all the time for something to eat still hangs in the air.  Ugh!
For several years now I've tried to have a basket or bowl of some kind in my kitchen full of snacks for my kids to grab at snack times.  Which has been wonderful, but it can also get expensive to buy all the pre-snack-sized snacks and they aren't always that nutritious either.  I've been trying to be much more diligent with adding healthy snacks for my kids around the house since they are avid snackers too. 
Ta-Da!  Snacks!
I know I've posted about the homemade snacks I've made, but that isn't something that I can always do either.  So, when I'm buying crackers for my kids I don't buy the snack size ones, I'll buy a big box.  Then once I'm home I'll take snack size zipper bags and divide all the crackers into individual servings.  I end up getting either the same amount as you do when you buy the small versions or more for less money spent.  I've done this with raisins, cereals, nuts, trail mixes, pretzels... you name it. 
My snack basket usuals are various crackers, raisins, granola bars and all fruit fruit snacks.  Occasionally if I have a coupon I'll get fruit cups or pudding.  I alot of times I have an overflow of snacks, so I have a second basket with all the same things so I'm not making snacks and refilling it every other day.

Here's a look at our snack basket now :)
Then I had a stroke of genius (humor me if you already do this.) to make a healthy basket for the fridge too.  Brilliant!  My kids are great with eating fruit and some veggies and my little one especially, loves cheese sticks and yogurt.  I cut up bell peppers and carrots to put into snack bags, along with washing grapes and doing the same. 
Here's my "basket" for the fridge
I always have bananas and apples along with Cutie oranges and pears (if they are in season) in a bowl on my counter.  Like I said, trying to promote healthy snacking.  :)

What type of snacks do you have on hand for your kiddos?  Maybe this gave you an idea for your own click of genius.  Let me know what it is!

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