Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Library Birthday Party

My oldest daughter turned 8.  I still can't believe it!  She loves book and to read and write her own stories so we put together a library book party.  It was fun and different and everyone had a great time.  I was so excited about her invites, they turned out super cute!

I got the idea for these from here.  The template for the invites are from HERE and it is free!  I printed them on postcard pages and they were the perfect size and already perforated to cutting.  I bought the date stamp and stamp pad at Office Max.  They turned out so cute!  By far my favorite part. 
We had a book exchange where everyone came with a wrapped book that they had already read at home and were willing to pass on.
Then I invaded my scrapbooking stickers and pulled out all my pens, markers and stickers and they made bookmarks.  They did that at the table for almost an hour!
We of course did the usual cake and presents and then everyone went home with a gift bag.  For those I took an old book and ripped out pages, wrote the first letter of everyone's name and glued them onto brown paper bags.  I filled them with a little baggie of gummy "book" worms, pencils and little notebooks I found of sale.  I had also made stickers for their books with "This book belongs to" and forgot to put them in the bags.  Majorly mad at myself the next day!  Here is were there is a template for those or make your own using shipping labels.  This site had a lot of cute ideas.

It was a good day and good party and I had a very happy little 8 year old girl at the end of the day!  So if you have a reader and you're tired of the usual Disney something party, try something new!  It's fun!

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  1. I love this! Looking for such ideas, my little guy wants such a party for his 6th. Cheers.