Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Apple Cider Sangria

I don't know many people who don't like sangria.  I, for one, love sangria of any flavor!  Usually it's more of a summer drink I think, but when I found this fall/winter version I had to try it.  I had an art party where everyone got to make their own subway style picture with their favorite quote, saying, Bible verse or holiday thing.  I made a bunch and we had lots of fun!  Here's one of the ones I made!
I love it!!  It is going to be hung in my coffee kitchen and is going to look perfect! 
So, fun crafts and lots of gals over called for good snacks and of course drinks!  This Apple Cider Sangria was the perfect one.  It was super quick and easy to mix up, looked good and tasted good too.  The fruit was delicious to eat at the end as well.  So, in some ways it's a drink and a snack!  What's your favorite sangria?

My nice pitcher was already packed, so I used a large bowl. LoL

1 bottle (standard size) of pinot grigio
2 1/2 cups fresh apple cider
1 cup club soda (Next time I might leave this out, I thought it watered it down a bit.  Taste it before you add this in to see what you think.)
1/2 cup ginger brandy (I used regular brandy, I couldn't find the ginger kind.)
3 honey crisp apples, chopped
3 pears, chopped
Combine all ingredients together and stir, stir, stir. Refrigerate for an hour or so (or longer!) before serving.



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