Monday, August 26, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Hello!  Summer is officially over.  Today marks the first day of school for my 2nd grader and kindergartner.  (Although he hasn't left yet, he goes in the afternoon)  After being "home" in Ohio for 8 weeks it feels good to be home and getting back in the swing of things. 
We were so blessed to be able to be with family and friends and completely drenched in love by those we love.  We got to stay with Grandma and Poppy all summer and enjoy lots of swimming.  My kids got spoiled with lots of attention, junk food, presents and mostly hugs and kisses.  We could not have asked for things go to better.  No one got sick or hurt (other then skinned knees and small bruises).  We had 3 bedrooms and a bathroom to ourselves, so our set up was more then wonderful.  Eric even got to surprise the kids and come for 2 weeks too.  It was amazing!
We also all got to the point of being a little homesick too.  Especially my 2 year old.  No one saw that coming!  She cried for Daddy, her Minnie Mouse bed and her princess castle.  We made it back about a week ago and it's felt so good.  Poppy even got to fly home with us to give me extra hands with the kids during the flight and left on Saturday.  Then I kicked into high gear and cleaned and laundered the house over the weekend.  I had to get that stale man smell out!  Last night backpacks were labeled and stuffed and lunch packed.  Kids were washed and in bed by a decent hour.  Yes, let the new school year begin! 
Eric and I decided to treat ourselves one more time with XXL Cookies before we got kick in gear this week too.  Today it's back to trying to run for me.  Haha!  Hubby is beginning to work out more to get ready for his next PT test too.  Let's not forget our diet.  Everyone has fully enjoyed summer, maybe a little too much.  So today I'm doing a liquid diet during the day and a good, healthy dinner at night this week to try and get my body back to liking me again.  Lots of water, juice, green and fruit smoothies and of course a little coffee too.  :) 
Hubby and I have talked about trying to eat clean and do our best to be healthy together.  I'm still working on gluten free and going to try to cut out some dairy for myself as well.  We'll smash together Clean Eating and Paleo and make it work for each of us and our family.  I'll be back in the kitchen and trying to keep it healthy and simple.  Here's to a fresh start again to a new school year!  I'm really excited to try more new things and let you know how they turn out.  Got any new things you've tried?  I'm always up for a new challenge. 

**Sorry for all the random blog posts.  I wrote them all as drafts before we left and tried posting every week, but I think they posted differently then I thought.  They had a mind of their own!  I'll be fresh and new again, promise.

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